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Topic: The AFL Gamers Network is Teaming up with Fortnite for a Cha...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8543
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Which is this Friday for those of you in the nosebleeds. The event: AFL Stream King Featuring Fortnite, kicks off from 7pm AEST this Friday and features 40 AFL players and 40 of the country's top Fortnite players in a duo competition with $100,000 dollarydoos up for grabs.

Headlined by the Brisbane Lions' Mitch Robinson -- who is a Fortnite and stream fanatic, he's joined by Sydney star-in-the-making Nick Blakey, Collingwood's Jaidyn Stephenson, Hawthorn serial pest James Siciliy and the explosive Connor Rozee from Port Adelaide, among other TBA.

On the gamer side of things, top streamers in Muselk, MrAsianFresh and x2Twins also join the fray with more to equally be revealed this week in the lead up to the event.
Launched in late May to cater for footy lovers and gaming fanatics alike, and harnessing the popularity of gaming across the AFL and AFLW playing group, the AFL Games Network has already clocked up over 6,500 hours of content watched by over 75,000 fans within its first fortnight of streaming. Ben Sellenger, AFL Head of Commercial Growth, said the appeal of the network is no surprise due to the access it provides fans.

“We are proud to partner with global giant Epic Games to put on this charity tournament, harnessing the strengths of both organisations, and providing what should be an amazing product for footy fans and gamers alike. Bringing together some of the biggest names in footy with the biggest names in Fortnite - we can’t wait to see who takes out the title.

“The strength of the AFL Gamers Network is the ability to allow our next generation of fans to interact and engage with players in a what is a native environment for them – it’s an enormous difference to the experience they get within our traditional game and broadcast environment. It offers a different and authentic gaming experience to a new generation of fans that may not have otherwise interacted with our game.

“The AFL has been involved in gaming for a number of years in various ways, and the AFL Gamers Network now allows us to deliver a product which gives our players who game a platform to unite under and grow their own fan base,” said Sellenger.
You can check out a stack of the AFL Gamers Network action by clicking here. There are four prize pools up for grabs for the top four duos with winnings being given to their charity of choice:

First Place - $50,000 dollarydoos
Second Place - $30,000 dollarydoos
Third Place - $15,000 dollarydoos
Fourth Place - $5000 dollarydoos

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