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iconwatfolderLineopenFolder QGL Forum Usage Guidelines is a shared medium for community discussion; a large number of forums on this site are administered and moderated by the forum creator as he or she sees fit. The following are some standard guidelines for how to be a conscientious user of this site.


  • keep your replies related to the original topic. If you wish to talk about something else, create a new topic. This helps other users only read the material they are interested in
  • ensure your posts are related to the forum its on. Asking a question about Quake3 on the Counter-Strike forum is bad karma
  • post replies which contribute to the topic at hand. Replying with 'haha' or 'that sucks' etc is frowned upon
  • be conscientious to other users. Just because this is a web-based medium does not mean normal social rules do not apply to you
Do not:
  • post pornography, links to pornography sites, or other disgusting material
  • post racially defamatory material
  • post content with excessive foul or abusive language
  • post links to third party websites containing illegal software such as 'warez'
  • post links to copyrighted third party material, such as music ("mp3s") or movies ("DivXs") that are not available for free distribution
  • post replies to old topics ("topic resurrection") unless you have something serious to add to the discussion
  • use a large or otherwise obtrusive signature. In particular, do not put sounds or music in your signature
  • create an account with the purpose of impersonating another user
  • post blatant inflammatory messages intended to start an argument and not conversation
Lastly, do not post messages complaining about removal of content ("nuking"). Each forum's moderator may remove content as they see fit; if you dont agree with their policies visit another forum where the moderators policy is more to your liking. hosts a large array of forums, maintained by a large group of third-party users, so in all likelihood there is a forum out there that will fit your needs.
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