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Topic: Nintendo in 2020: What We Know, What We Want
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8446
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Our resident Ninty expert (and thus, my protege), put together a bit of a think-piece one where he sees the Big N taking their sustained Nintendo Switch success to, in 2020, and potentially beyond. It's your hand, Nintendo.

(Get it? Because they used to dabble in play cards? And we're in a console transition year... oh, never mind.)

Here's a snippet from his Nindostradamus prediction feature:

We saw it with the Switch Lite last year, and perhaps we’ll see it again this year. Nintendo now have two main Switch models out in the wild, with the handheld-only Switch Lite nestled up nicely next to its do-it-all hybrid big brother. The Japanese-based company isn’t afraid of delivering multiple SKUs across a product range — with the brain-melting amount of different SKUs for the 3DS and 2DS line a pertinent example — and we can’t shake the feeling that we’re due another major shake up later this year.

Will it be the long-rumoured Switch Pro model? I’d say so. It makes the most sense, and with the new consoles on the way it’d give Nintendo a bit of staying power in that conversation. If this does come to fruition, I’d say it’d be a sure-fire bet to launch alongside a major exclusive, much like the Lite launching with The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening in September last year. Breath of the Wild 2 seems the most obvious candidate if everything was to all line up smoothly, of course...
Click here for our Nintendo in 2020 predictive feature.
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Great write up.

Personally I am super disappointed in the Switch. I love the concept but the lack of good third party developers in my opinion is the mark of a successful console. Currently the Switch is teetering on WiiU territory (and I like the Wii U). Unfortunately it's been nothing but first party games (which are excellent) and ports (which are also good). Nothing that uses the switch to its full potential as a mobile gaming party device.
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But the Switch has had wider third party support than any Ninty console since the Wii?
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Location: Other International

But the Switch has had wider third party support than any Ninty console since the Wii?

That's only one console ago lol
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