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Topic: Motivations and Gaming Habits of Australian Mobile Gamers.
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Location: Ballarat, Victoria

My name is Jordan Greenwood and I am a candidate for the Bachelors of Science (Honours) at Federation University, Australia. I am inviting you to participate in a study about Motivations and Gaming Habits of Australian Mobile Gamers. This is one of many invitations posted on various Australian gaming forums and gaming groups.
The study will involve an online survey for participants of the ages 18 and above. This survey will cover your motivations for playing mobile games, habits that you are exhibiting while playing said games and will contain an addiction prevalence test of the Internet Gaming Disorder.
You are invited to participate by following the link and completing the questionnaire that will take approximately 20 minutes of your time. The online survey will remain open for approximately 6 weeks or until appropriate sample size is collected. I will repost here when the survey has closed. You will remain anonymous by completing this survey, and only upon submitting the survey will you be implying consent to use the data you provide. You may choose to withdraw at any time before submitting the survey, by closing your browser (or tab within tabbed browsing).
I would like to thank you up front for any time you allocate towards this research endeavour.
Yours sincerely,
Jordan Greenwood
Honours Candidate
Federation University, Australia

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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Mobile users aren't gamers...end of survey. Despite what Blizzard my try make people believe. Are you being paid by Blizzard to push their mobile 'gaming' agenda?
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Location: Ballarat, Victoria

Mobile users aren't gamers...end of survey. Despite what Blizzard my try make people believe. Are you being paid by Blizzard to push their mobile 'gaming' agenda?

haha, I wish, but if they are not gamers how do you explain the current gaming market revenue having mobile games making 51% of the global gaming revenue?
Posts: 12404
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

The same way I would explain people sinking $7B into pokies or a single mother loaning a scammer $9k in exchange for $1m of their $250m in lottery winnings ... autism caused by either praying while pregnant or eating KFC while browsing facebook.

Most mobile games are transient apart from those designed to emulate pokie addiction. If you're the sort of d******* that would contribute to the $7B in pokie profits every year, you're the sort of d******* that would sink $100/week into candy crush or whatever game people play these days. I basically don't see mobile 'gaming' as being any different to swiping your facebook feed up and down while liking photos of someone else's lunch.
I think gaming has become the most time consuming activity in my life.
Said no one with kids and a job ever.
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Location: Rockhampton, Queensland
Holy s*** at that response absolutely nailed it twist.

Sorta off topic but I remember when I first moved to bundaberg qld I saw this place open all the time with flashing lights and "open all night gaming" written above the shop. Was a bit keen for a lan cafe, turns out its a f***ing crack den full of pokie machines.

GTFO identifying slot machines/mobile phone pay2win mechanics as "games". IF you want some insight into its success go to your local pokie joint and hit up the flock of mentally unwell people there, they can tell you all about the success of "mobile gaming". f***ing piss weak research lmao
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